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[FAQ] All About Oodles

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    Default [FAQ] All About Oodles

    How do you earn Oodles?
    You can do the question of the day, GSN Live questions, Big Saturday Night questions, or a question on every game.

    What do you mean, a question on every game?
    If you go to GSN's Free Games page, located here, you can click on each game and do a question on it for 10 Oodles.

    What are the prizes? How long's it take to get good prizes?
    A $10 gift certificate can be obtained in about two or three days with 1700 Oodles. The prizes page is located here:

    When do new questions appear?
    The question of the day and the game questions update every day at midnight EST. The GSN Live questions typically update every 30 minutes from noon to 6PM EST, and the Big Saturday Night questions usually update every 30 minutes from 8PM to 11PM EST.

    It seems like it would take forever to answer these questions.
    I have created an answer database, which can be accessed at

    How does your answer database work? How often is it updated?
    The answer database uses answers contributed by anonymous members. It is often updated a few minutes after midnight and usually right after Live questions appear.

    An answer isn't in your database!
    Post it in the answer database topic and a contributor will probably add it as soon as possible.

    What?!? The prizes are all out of stock!
    The gift cards seem to go really fast, so once you see them in stock you should order immediately. We do not know when they are restocked.

    Is this site legit?
    Yes, it appears to be, as it's operated by a big TV network, GSN.

    How long does it take to get prizes?
    The GSN website says that it will take 4-6 weeks to get a prize. But the gift certificates are emailed in about one or two weeks, and other prizes are shipped much faster than 4-6 weeks.

    Wait, do I have to watch GSN to do this?
    Nope. The answer database contains all questions, even the ones that are from gameshows that aired that day on GSN Live.

    Is there a bot?
    Right now, casper made an excellent helper that automatically looks up answers to the questions for you using my database.

    Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can have?
    Yes. The website says one account per person and two accounts per household.

    Is there a limit to the number of prizes I can order?
    A post by one of the admins of GSN says that you can only order one prize per week.

    Is there an address trick?
    We haven't really looked into it because most people don't want this great site to be raped.
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    where do I answer the big saturday night questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by helpa1 View Post
    where do I answer the big saturday night questions
    On SATURDAY, there is a big azz banner right near the top, where all the other ones are, and you click it, its realllllly hard to do.[/endsarcasm]

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    Took me awhile to find the point offers..

    To anyone not as bright like me

    Question of the Day

    Game show Trivia/Saturday Night


    Q of day is found below your name to the right, the other two are found above the actual games.

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    thanks for this nicholas.
    very helpful looking forward to seeing you become coder status or something 1 day
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    Thanks for the info, I was a bit slow to the site.

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    Nice, I got 1k Oodles after doing everything upon joining. [All questions, GSN Live,etc]

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    is there ever going to be bot that does it all for you?

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    no dj it kind of hard to do that the data base some times is update 2 hour later with a answer
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    also if they made a bot people would rape as if they already aren't

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