Hey everybody, This is my first little tutorial so please give me feedback.

Maybe this method has been shown before but I am going to show you how I maximize the amount I make with GPTs. Depending on your level of knowledge, this might require some investment of time and possibly money if you want to increase your chance of getting referrals. I maximize with Get Paid To sites by referring as many people as possible. I am going to show you how I refer people with youtube videos and another website that I use.

To first start the GPTs that I use are:
Ref Link: Gifts4Points - Homepage
Non-Ref Link: Gifts4Points - Homepage

Ref Link: PrizeRiot - Best GPT - No Minimum - Work at Home- Free Paypal cash
Non-Ref Link PrizeRiot - Best GPT - No Minimum - Work at Home- Free Paypal cash

Ref Link: Highest Pay GPT - Homepage
Non-Ref Link: Highest Pay GPT - Homepage

Ref-Link: Earn The Most - Homepage
Non-Ref Link: Earn The Most - Homepage

I like both of these websites because gifts4points is reliable and has more options of prizes: xbox live membership wii points, amazon gift cards, walmart gift cards, and other stuff. They are also reliable and I have cashed out multiple amazon gift cards. I also like Gifts4Points because they have easy offers and you can upgrade your account for a small price so you have a high chance of having people that sign up without a referral to become your referral Prize Riot is a newer website and I have not cashed out yet but waiting until I get my referrals to make my first cash out.

Okay so now that I introduced the sites that I use, Here is my method:
First, I go to youtube and look for another person's video that promotes both of the websites. For example in youtube, I will type in "Gifts4Points Free Amazon Gift Cards" or "Gifts4Points Payment Proof" and will find a video that has a good amount of views. I don't like to use the top 3 videos only because the times I have used the most popular videos, they were deleted from my account for third party content I then go to the website: KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! This Website is going to extract the video and allow us to download. So input the URL into the top of the site and hit download. I download the MP4 file, I have never uploaded any other type of file but I also use a mac so I can preview the video again on quicktime player okay now we are going to upload the video on youtube. Make sure to change the title around to reduce the risk of being flagged for using someone else's video

In the description of the video, you can then write something such as:
Want to Earn Gift Cards like I do, then check out this website. The link is (REF LINK). If you have any questions and want to learn secrets on the site, PM me anytime.

If you want, you can shrink your link with the following website:
Ref Link:AdF.ly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.
Non-Ref Link AdF.ly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.
This website shrinks your URL and every thousand clicks on your link earns you $4.00. This allows you to make money both from referrals and from clicks on your links.

Okay now we have your video, so we are going to get your views for your videos with a few websites:
Ref-link: http://www.enhanceviews.net/rpage.ph...=3706&splash=0
Non- Ref link:Enhance Views - Free YouTube Views, Comments, Favorites, Likes, and Subscribers

Ref-link: Registration Form
Non-Ref Link: Mega YouTube Views

Ref-link: Register Now!
Non-Ref Link: Home | Empire Views!

On all of these websites, you can earn credits by watching other videos. All of the websites have automated programs through the browser or to download so you can leave your computer running and earn credits. The credits will then be used to redeem youtube views, subscribers, like, etc; Anything that will help promote your video.

Here are some of my videos that I have made.


That is the way I refer people without investing any money. Now I am going to show you a way to invest some money and pay people to sign up under you. We are going to use the following website:

Ref-Link: Minute Workers - Turning Your Minutes Into Money
Non-Ref Link: Minute Workers - Turning Your Minutes Into Money

On this website you can use paypal and deposit money into your account. I deposited around $15.00 I then created a job listing for people to sign up under me on my GPT sites.

My title is something basic like: Sign up under a GPT website, Really Easy!

My job description looked like this:
Sign up at the website Gifts4Points - Homepage
which doesn't even take 3 minutes to do. Verify your account through your
email address.

and my required proof is:
1.) Username you signed up
2.) Website will tell me if you confirmed your account

Because I earn 25 cents per referral, I pay people 15 cents to sign up under me. I have already had 27 people sign up under me as of today, and am asking for 100 people to sign up under me. You then accept or deny people depending on if they sign up under you. You can tell if they sign up under you because the GPT sites tell you what your referrals usernames are and the people on minuteworkers have to email you proof in order for you to accept it.

I am going to keep updating this thread as I find more information or if I see mistakes or ways to maximize profit more efficiently. This is my first tutorial, let me know what you think. Please +rep me and thank me if I helped you, greatly appreciated.